Follow the instructions below to provide information about the bobcat.

  • Introduction section: Organism Introduction.
  • Body: Physical Description, Life Cycle and Reproduction, Structure and Function, Energy Ecology, Habitat.
  • Conclusion section: Conclude with a brief summary (1–2 sentences).
  • References: Reference Lists and Internal Citations.
  • All references listed on the reference lists should be cited internally within the outline, and vice versa.

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    To get you started on this assignment, let's look at some of the primary characteristics of the bobcat. This wild cat is actually a type of lynx. It belongs to the class mammalia, the order carnivora, and the family felidae. Its genus and species are Lynx rufus, or ruffed lynx, because of the ruff of fur around the cat's neck.

    When you talk about the bobcat's physical description, you should mention the color of its fur and its markings and make sure to note the ruffs and ear tufts that are normal for this species. You should also talk about the advantages of this kind of coat, for it allows the animal to blend in with its surroundings. Bobcats can weigh up to thirty-three pounds and stand up to two feet high at the shoulder.

    In terms of life cycle and reproduction, you might talk about the bobcat's normal lifespan, which can range between five and fifteen years. You should also mention typical age at mating, the gestation period of the animal, and the way a female cares for her kittens.

    Bobcats are predators, often labeled tertiary consumers, that mostly hunt rabbits but will take any small animal or bird they can get. You should discuss their hunting habits and mention that these cats can run at speeds up to thirty miles per hour and climb very well. You can also refer to their communication habits and talk about how they use their senses and voices to interact with each other and their world.

    As for its habitat, note that the bobcat is found from Mexico into the southern part of Canada, and they can live in many different kinds of landscapes.

    For your conclusion, you might want to end your summary with a comment on why you think this animal is something special. Don't forget to list your references and cite your sources in your paper.

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