Describe the process of fertilization in flowering plants. Discuss 2 mechanisms of pollen transfer and the adaptations that facilitate each.This is an AP biology question and I need it today...

giorgiana1976 | Student
Fertilization of plants with flowers is unique because, unlike all other organisms, in their case is realized  simultaneous fertilization of two cells by a process called double fertilization. The only exception is the plants included in the genus Ephedra in which case the second fertilization and their development stops and  degenerates.At angiospermous, fecundation takes place after wind, water or insects pollination. The grain of pollen, reached on stigma, germinates  forming a police tube. Through this tube enters the two male gametes, coming from mitotic division of the kernel which generated  pollen grain.
Spermatic kernel fertilizes female gametes and form  egg cell. The second spermatic core  fertilizes the secondary nucleus of theembryo  bag, resulting  albumen, with nutritional role for the embryo. After double fertilization, follows the  process that will lead to transformation of ovule in seeds  and the ovary  in fruit. The process of double fertilization has contributed immensely to the success of organic plants with flowers, by accelerating the growth and increasing chances of survival in vulnerable stages.

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