Florence Nightingale's Environment Theory in a diagramWhat would a diagram of Nightingale's theory look like.

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One way to diagram this would be as an Organizational Chart. Organizational charts show the connection and relationships between parts of the whole and can be adapted from use for organization hierarchy to anything you want them for. Nightingale's theory of nursing is called Environment Theory. This would be the organization title. According to Nursing-Theory.org, there are "seven assumptions" in Nightingale's theory that lead to health and cure. You would arrange these as the first horizontal tier under the organization name [I can't fit them all in in one horizontal tier, but your chart will have them all on one equal horizontal tier]:

  • natural laws, perfection, calling, art & science, environmental alteration, education, distinct from medicine

Now you can add tiers below any of these seven assumptions that you want to elaborate upon. For instance, under "distinct from medicine," I might put "create optimal conditions for body's healing force." This is very distinct and separate from what doctors do.

Certainly, under "environmental alteration" I might want to put the ten Canons of Nightingale's Environment Theory. A few of these ten Canons are: Ventilation, Light, Bedding. If you don't already know the fully worded Canons, they are available on Nursing-Theory.org.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many ways you could do this.  I am envisioning a triangle.  The three corners of the triangle would be environment, care, and professionalism.  These are the tenants of Nightingale’s theory.  Then, you can use either quotes from Nightingale or summaries of her theories for each one.  For example, on the environment side, you might include this quote.

Environment could be altered to improve conditions so that the natural laws would allow healing to occur. (currentnursing.com)

I like this quote because it is such a simple, yet revolutionary idea.  Further reinforcing and explaining this quote you could describe how in modern hospitals we are careful to keep everything clean and conducive to healing in order to help patients get better faster.




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