The floor of a round hut has a diameter of 6meters. What is the floor's circumference?

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mrsq eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most commonly used equation for circumference is C=2πr.  Where c is the circumference, π is pi (or 3.14159...), and r is the radius.

In your equation, you are given diameter.  Remember that the radius is half of the diameter.  So, in this case, the radius, r, is half of 6, or 3 meters.

Now, substitute the radius into the equation for circumference, and you get:

C= 2π(3)

= approximately 18.84 meters


What you know have found is the distance around the circle.

dadoak | Student

the formula for circumference is 2*π*r or d*π.


π= pi which is approximately 3.14

d= diameter

Thus the answer can be given as 6π meters OR approximately 18.84 meters.

giorgiana1976 | Student

We'll recall the formula that gives the circumference of a circular shape:

C = 2`pi` r, where r represents the radius of the circle.

The diameter of the circle is twice the radius of the circle, therefore, the circumference is:

C = D*`pi`

C = 6`pi`

If we'll take pi = 3.14, we'll get:

C = 6*3.14

C = 18.84 meters

Therefore, the circumference of the floor of the round hut is C = 18.84 meters.