Flight Questions and Answers
by John Steinbeck

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In Sherman Alexie's book Flight, why is Zits put into the body of Gus and not someone else?

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The period of time where Zits inhabits the body of Gus is very powerful and represents a moment of change in the book. Gus' job as an "Indian Tracker" is to lead his fellow soldiers to a First Nations settlement so that they can attack the people they find there. When he sees a young soldier trying to rescue a boy from the carnage, Gus helps them get away. I think that what Alexie was trying to get across with this narrative is that warfare is never as simple or as "clean" as we might expect. Even in clearly divided attacks, like the American army attacking First Nations people, the two sides are not necessarily monolithic in their experience or attitudes towards the event. Both Gus and Small...

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