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A flask that weighs 345.8g is filled with 225ml of carbon tetachloride. The weight of the flask and carbon tetachloride is found to be 703.55g. From the information, calculate the density of the carbon tetacholoride.

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Density is defined as the mass per unit volume of a substance. So, in this case: 

Density = grams / milliliters 

I like to think of the formula for density as the "heart equation" (see the hyperlink to see the reference! :) 

We are given the volume (225 mL). However, we must find the mass of just the carbon tetrachloride by subtracting the mass of the flask. This can be done via:

Mass of carbon tetrachloride = (Mass of flask holding carbon tetrachloride) - (Mass of the flask)

Therefore, the mass of the carbon tetrachloride would be: 

703.55 - 345.8 = 357.75 grams of carbon tetrachloride

Now we can put the above information into the equation for density: 

Again, Density= grams/ milliliters


Density = 357.75 grams / 225 mL = 1.59 grams / milliliter 

I hope this helps! 

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