In a five-sentence paragraph describe why Mr. J Marley was so doomed. Provide examples from the story. Please help me...?!?! I cant do it! It's a question from a Christmas Carol from Charles Dickens.

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In your five sentence paragraph about Mr Marley from the novel 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens, talk about all the things he could have done, but didn't while he had the chance when he was still alive - as well as all the things he did do (such as chase money above all else, ignore the needs of people around him as 'time costs money',scrimp and save on love, affection, culture, the arts and humanity as well as heating, charity and food.)

There is still a chance for Scrooge - if he's quick he can use what's left of his life to improve the lot of others, spread some love and affection around and truly make a difference. use this link to help you:

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