Can you please tell me five facts about ancient Egyptians and their daily life?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Before answering, I would like to suggest that you look at your textbook.  It may be that your instructor will want to see facts that are listed in your particular book.  If that is so, this answer may not work for you since I do not know what textbook you are using.  That said, here are five facts about the daily lives of Ancient Egyptians.

  1. Egyptian families used the roofs of their houses a lot.  This was particularly true when the weather was very hot.  They would cook, eat, and sleep on their roofs since it would be cooler out in the open air than inside their houses.
  2. Egyptian women were fond of using cosmetics.  Often, they used cosmetics that were based on fats.  They would mix something like flowers that smelled good with things like crocodile fat to make cosmetics that would help them look good and that would protect them from the elements.
  3. Many Egyptians wore wigs.  They cut their own hair very short and wore wigs.  The wigs were cooler, helped prevent them from getting lice, and always looked good.
  4. Bread was a very important food for Ancient Egyptians.  They would put bread dough in a two-piece clay pot and put it on hot coals.  When the bread was done they removed the pot and opened it to get the bread out.
  5. Egyptian medicine was really disgusting.  They would do that on purpose so that the patient’s body would be disgusting and the demon that was causing the sickness would leave.  They would make medicines out of things like sandal leather, soot, bile, and excrement that came from both humans and animals.

All of these are facts about daily life in Ancient Egypt.  Follow the link below for more on this topic, but I still recommend that you look in your textbook in case you are supposed to give a specific answer.

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