Five differences between 2013 and World War 2.

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During World War II all servicemen were required to wear their uniforms at all times. Soldiers, sailors, and marines were very conspicuous in the cities. Now almost all of them wear civvies, so you hardly ever recognize military men and women as such.

There was a lot of rationing during World War II. Now there is an abundance of everything.

There was no television until after the war. People got their news from their radios. They also always showed newsreels with the movies at the theaters, but naturally the news was pretty old.

All men over eighteen and under forty-five were subject to the draft during World War II. Now the military is all voluntary.

All airplanes were propeller-driven (except for a few experimental jets developed in Germany late in the war). Now all military planes are jet-propelled. There were virtually no helicopters in World War II.

Civilian clothing was different during WWII. Men wore suits, neckties, and hats. Women wore dresses, hats, high heels. College students dressed more formally. Young men wore slacks, dress shirts and sweaters. Young women wore wool skirts, blouses and cashmere sweaters. No tennis shoes! No computers, of course.

There was no plastic during WWII. Now everything is made of plastic. Hardly any synthetic fabrics during WWII. Most clothing was made of cotton or wool.

Almost all cars in America were American-made. No new cars were available to civilians in 1942 through 1945--and then there was a huge demand for new cars after the war ended.

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