At first, what does Juliet believe is the only solution to her problem?

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mkimmel55 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Juliet's biggest problem arrives when Romeo is banished for killing her cousin Tybalt, and her marriage to Paris is moved up by her family. Her father has refused to delay the marriage and even threatened to disown her if she refuses to marry Paris. Even the Nurse, her strongest confidant, has counseled that she should wed Paris. Juliet seeks solace from the Friar, and runs into Paris at the church, reinforcing her conflict. Once Paris leaves, Juliet confronts the Friar demanding a solution, and if one is not presented to her, she says she will take her own life that very instant. Suicide seems to be the only answer to her in that moment. It's not until the Friar concocts a complicated plan faking Juliet's death so she can be reunited with Romeo that she abandons the thought of killing herself.

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