First time car buyers often need to be assisted with the buying process. Identify another group of customers who might need special assistance buying cars. How can you increase their comfort level during the purchasing process?

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One very important group of customers who may feel uncomfortable with the traditional car buying process is the group of customers with various disabilities. Especially with the aging of the population in the developed world, an increasing percentage of the car buying public will need cars that are increasingly adapted or accessible. There are several strategies you can use to make the car buying process more accessible to them.

First, you should be careful to make as much of your lot and show room as accessible as possible. Rather than limiting disabled customers to a single accessible entrance, make sure that every aspect of the interior of your building is conveniently accessible and that your outdoor lot has adequate room between cars for customers in wheelchairs.

Next, you should showcase and have available for test drives a wide range of accessible vehicles so that disabled customers have the same freedom to drop in and test drive cars as other customers. Your marketing materials should emphasize your support for people with disabilities. You might also hire a specialist in selling to people with disabilities (perhaps a person who uses a wheel chair or requires other adaptations) who can guide buyers through the process of car selection and adaptation and is thoroughly familiar with appropriate government regulations and subsidy programs. 

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