In the first months after the rebellion, how are the animals better off than they had been under Jones? Are they worse off in any ways? Explain.

Expert Answers
ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first few months after the rebellion seem better for the animals but there are signs that things will not always be that way. The harvest is larger that it had ever been with Mr. Jones and they eat regularly and are happy. They don't work on Sundays and get a chance to debate ideas suggested by Napoleon and Snowball. However, the milk, which all the animals thought they would share disappears and the animals discover the pigs have been putting it in their own food. Apples are also eaten only by the pigs. Squealer explains the pigs need those foods to be strong but there is already evidence that Snowball and Napoleon are not getting along. Napoleon has taken nine puppies away from their mothers and is training them in secret. So, even though things seem to be going well on the outside, there is evidence that things may get worse.