First foray into this type of maths.... question is: 5n + 1 = Really not sure how to answer this as weren't given the value of N

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You are right. Without knowing the value of n or without any other information available, it is not possible to determine the value of 5n +1. This could be the term of an expression where 5n +1 represents an integer that is 1 more than a multiple of 5.

From 5n+1, it can only be inferred that the number is 1 more than a multiple of 5.

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The ques 5n+1 =     is in complete, because it is not given that

5n + 1 equal to how much. If we take 5n+ = any number say (x)

then we can say 5n = 1 less than the number x.  i.e.   5n = x -1

Or  n = (x -1) / 5.

For example If we say  5n + 1 = 11     then   5n = 11-1 =10

i.e. 5n = 10   Or n = 10/2 =5

hence n = 5 will be the answer  


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