The first essay should be a 500-word essay explicating a favorite compact disc, album, or personal playlist of at least ten songs. The essay should incorporate at least twenty-five terms from Part 1 of The World of Music (pages 26–39 in the section titled "The Elements of Music") and/or from Appendix B and/or from the book’s glossary (pages 305–326). Students should also include a thesis statement about the album or song list, such as “Artist X’s new album, So and So, is excellent because of the songwriting, production, and Ms. X’s outstanding singing ability.” The terms used should be indicated in the essay by putting the terms in boldface type.

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You've only posted the instructions for your assignment, but you have not asked for any clarifying aid or even mentioned what album or series of musical pieces you plan on explicating. Here on eNotes, educators do not write your essay for you. We can help you get on the right track, however.

I do not have access to the textbook with the instructions are referring to, but I can help you in getting started on this essay with some suggestions.

If you choose to assemble a playlist rather than choose an album, try making sure all the songs are from a similar genre (e.g., rap, country, alternative rock, classical, jazz, etc.) so you can get a more unified explication out of them.

Also, when explicating music, try to figure out the tone of the piece. How does it make you feel? When you find out how it makes you feel, then try to find out what in the music is making you feel that way.

For example, "Flamingo Sketches" from the Miles Davis's album A Kind of Blue makes most listeners feel melancholy. The slow tempo and loose, almost meandering structure give one a sense of thoughtful sadness. One could also go into the way all the musicians riff off one another in the piece and how this contributes to that emotional quality.

I hope this helps you write your paper!

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