Island of the Blue Dolphins Questions and Answers
by Scott O'Dell

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In Chapter 1 of Island of the Blue Dolphins, why did Karana continue digging instead of going to the village?

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Karana actually keeps digging twice even though she sees the Aleut ship.

Karana and Rano have been sent to go dig roots.  It is not easy work and so she wants to be sure she has his help.

So, when the Aleut ship comes into view, she sees it.  But she knows that he will go run off the minute he sees it and she wants him to keep helping her dig.  So she pretends like she doesn't see anything and just keeps digging.

Later on, Rano sees the ship and runs off, but she keeps digging anyway.  The reason for that is that she knew they needed the roots and she wanted to be responsible.

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