In the first chapter, for what is Gilgamesh waiting and what is odd or peculiar about this?first chapter

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MaudlinStreet eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Gilgamesh is waiting for his dream of true companionship to materialize. Having a dream that disturbed him, he turned to his mother to interpret it for him. She answers, saying it meant he would find a friend, who "will be your double, your second self,/ a man who is loyal, who will stand at your side." Gilgamesh responds, saying "May the dream come true./ May the true friend appear, the true companion,/ who through every danger will stand at my side."

It is ironic that Gilgamesh, who is painted as a brutal man who needs no permission or consent to do anything, would long for an equal. He seems to delight in his uniqueness & strength over others. Also, one would think that every man under Gilgamesh's rule would be loyal to him, yet his mother predicts someone who will stand by his side. It seems that no matter how secure in his oneness Gilgamesh seems from the outside, he needs a companion who matches his strength and intellect.

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