the first chapter i dont knw how to start becuse i want to find the summary first

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Maybe focusing on the character of Beka will also help you find a focal point from which to approach your reading. Beka is a talented and energetic though perhaps short-sighted adolescent who would rather get lost in her grandmother's stories of bygone times in Belize than think about the importance of her studies and undertake to accomplish them. As a  result, she fails to be elevated to the next level of study in her Catholic school for girls. Beka has a friend, Toycie, whose association with her boyfriend leads her to despair because of an unwanted teen-age pregnancy. It is Toycie's death in a storm that calls Beka to attention and compels her to take her studies seriously and to find her own unique voice with which to speak out in her own person.

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Starting with a summary is a good idea.  By reading a summary, you get a general idea of the characters and plot.  This will reinforce your reading, and everything will make more sense.  Here is the enotes summary for this book: