The first angle of a triangle is tripe the second angle.The thrid angle of the triangle is 14 degrees less than the second angle.

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Supposing that you need to find the angle of triangle, you need to remember the equation taht relates the internals angles of triangle, such that:

`hat A + hat B + hat C = 180^o`

Since the problem provides the information that hat A is triple hat B yields:

`hat A = 3 hat B`

The problem also provides the information that `hat C` is `14^o` less than hat B, such that:

` C = B - 14^o`

You need to substitute `3 hat B` for `hat A` and` hat B - 14^o` for `hat C` in equation that relates the internal angles of triangle, such that:

`3 B + B + B - 14^o = 180^o`

`5hat B = 180^o + 14^o => hat B = 194^o/5`

`hat B = 38^o 48'`

You may evaluate hat A such that:

`hat A = 3 hat B => hat A = 116^o 24'`

`hat C = 38^o 48' - 14^o = 24^o 48'`

Hence, evaluating the internal angles of triangle `Delta ABC` , under the given conditions, yields `hat A = 116^o 24' ; hat B = 38^o 48' ; hat C = 24^o 48'.`

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