I need 3 facts each about Lone Bear, peach trees, White Mesa, and the fence in "Bearstone". Chapters 1-6

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Lone Bear the secret name chosen by Cloyd for himself.  The name describes whom he really is, not whom the world thinks he is.  Fatherless and motherless, Lone Bear feels that he doesn't need anyone in this world (Chapter 3).

Walter Landis has an orchard of peach trees which he carefully tends in memory of his deceased wife Susan.  Peach trees are also "treasured" at White Mesa.  Although Cloyd had always helped his grandmother pick the peaches from the trees at White Mesa, he has never seen peaches as large, full, and lush as the ones in Walter's orchard (Chapter 2).

White Mesa is located in Utah.  It is a land of canyons and ancient ruins; the cliff-dwellers, or "Ancient Ones", lived there at one time.  There are no beaver dams in White Mesa (Chapters 2 and 5).

Walter wants to build the fence to protect himself from "a fellow that's been takin' advantage of (him)" by driving groups of hunters across his land "in their four-wheel drives, tearin' up the field so bad you can't hay for the ruts".  Building the fence is a huge job; Walter figures "it's a two-year project, anyway".  To build the fence, first the holes must be dug, then the posts must be logged out of the wood, and finally wire must be run (Chapter 6).

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