Can you give me some ideas about how to write an article about the fire that happened in The Outsiders?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Unless you tell us more, it is hard to know how to help you. But let me give you some suggestions which are based on the idea that you are writing a fake news article about the fire.

First, you need to give the facts of what happened -- where the fire happened, why the kids were there, how many there were, etc.

After that, what articles generally do is give quotes from interviews with people who were affected by the fire.  So you would want to make up quotes from some of the kids and some parents and the emergency personnel who responded to the fire, things like that.

You would probably also want an update on how Pony and Johnny are doing in the hospital.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book The Outsiders the fire was started by an unknown cause.  Some school children and their teachers were playing by an abandoned church.  Some of the children had entered the church.  Pony Boy, Dallas, and Johnny had collected some personal items and were heading back to civilization when they heard the children screaming.  They looked and saw that the church was on fire. Without hesitation Johnny had jumped out and run into the church searching for children.  Pony Boy and Dallas ran to help as they wanted Johnny to hurry and get out of the church.  A little girl was still inside the church.  She was the last one.  Johnny went back inside to save her.  He handed her out, but before he could escape the building collapsed on him breaking his back and causing life threatening burns.  As a result Johnny dies from the injuries he sustained in the fire.