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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fire is a state of matter.  The fourth state of matter is called plasma, and fire is one of the naturally occuring plasmas we have in existence on Earth.  Plasma is a state where the atomic level is stripped of electrons and atom nuclei are dissociated from their electrons.  Plasma does bear any resemblance to the previous states of matter, those being a solid, liquid, or a gas.  A solid has all the atoms arranged in a tight crystalline structure with little or no movement.  A liquid has less structure, but still has atoms with a great degree of atomic attraction for each other.  Liquids have volume, but no definite shape.  Gases have little attraction among their atoms, they have no definiete shape or volume.  Gases assume the volume of their container.  Other naturally occuring plasmas on Earth are electricity, the auroras (northern and southern lights), lightning, and components in electrical appliances, such as plasma TVs.  Plasma is thought to be the primary component of most stars in the universe.

sanjeetmanna eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fire is a form of matter.

A fire is formed from combination of oxygen in air and fuel, fire is a misture of hot gases. The reaction produces steam, heat, light etc.,

The gas in the flame are ionozed and yet form the another form of matter called plasma.

Thus fire is a matter, since it is the combination of gas which occupy space and have some mass.

For a general defination of matter ... anything we see around us example solid liquid and few gases and anthing we feel with our sense organs is a matter example gas.

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