Finny tells Gene that "when you really love something, then it loves you back, in whatever way it has to love." Gene doesn't think this is true. Analyze this conversation and their differing views. Ch 8

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Finny seems to believe the winter loves him, because he loves the winter and believes that when you love something, it must return your affection. Gene's experience of seventeen years find faults with this logic, but he doesn't argue with Finny, because he thinks that Finny's thoughts ought to be true.

This line in the story reflects how Gene acknowledges reason but falls for the allure of Finny's utopian view of the world all the same. He wants Finny's words to be true because they are appealing, but he has not lost sight of reality.

This kind of banter continues toward the end of the chapter with Phineas pretending that...

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