Finish the sentence: In a magnetized material, the domains are __________________.Thank you and bless your sweet soul for your help :)

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valentin68 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Answer: In a magnetized material, the domains are parallel one with each other.

Explanation: Magnetism comes from the spins of valence electrons of atoms. In magnetic materials, these spins are arranged parallel and gives a nonzero magnetic momentum. These materials are called ferromagnetic. Ferromagnetic can or can not be magnetised.

In a ferromagnetic material, atoms are grouped in spatial domains containing a few tens to hundred of atoms having with all valence electrons spins parallel and thus exhibiting a nonzero magnetic moment for the entire domain. See the figure. If the material is not magnetised the magnetic momentum of all domains are randomly arranged, therefore on the overall they cancel together (1 on the figure). Under certain conditions (when an external magnetic field is applied) all the domains magnetic momentum arrange parallel one to each other (2 on the figure), and this way the ferromagnetic remains magnetised also after the external magnetic field becomes zero (3 on the figure).

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