I'm a fine art student, currently in my final semester. My major course is sculpture. I'm stuck on how to visualize my idea "trapped in the cage of my mind". How can I visualize the idea in...

I'm a fine art student, currently in my final semester. My major course is sculpture. I'm stuck on how to visualize my idea "trapped in the cage of my mind". How can I visualize the idea in minimalist terms without copying other artist's works?

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caledon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I was an art major, hope I can help with words seeing as this would be so much easier in person, right?

It seems pretty clear that you want to avoid anything objectively obvious like a human head or a cage. If you're trying to go for a minimalist style, I would suggest considering something like mixed media, where the media you use represents the caging rather than a particular sculpted shape. For example, you could use an actual light enclosed by darker sculpted shapes. You might also consider incorporating a theme and making an analogy, such as the mind being like a house and the trapped mind being a light or a window inside it, or taking inspiration from the shape of dendrites and massing them into a spiked or aggressive shape aimed at the viewer, or actually enclosing the viewing space (this would probably require a pretty large sculpture for the full effect). 

I think this will be easiest for you if you browse a few minimalist sculptures on Google images, and just make a list of elements you like. Also consider listing what options you could explore for the ideas of caging and the mind, ranging from literal interpretations to something more abstract like a made-up language. 

Don't worry so much about copying someone. Taking inspiration from another artist shouldn't be considered a problem and if you're really committed to this idea, you should be able to come up with an interpretation of your own that is pretty much impossible for anyone else to have done. 

If you're having a hard time choosing between several options, don't spend too much time deliberating, just pick one. It's always better to get started and work out problems along the way than it is to spend too much time trying to perfect an idea without a product to show for it.

I think there's a lot of potential for this idea, but don't discount the option of changing or adjusting it if it doesn't work out. 

vidonni84 | Student

What is trapped in the cage of your mind? Maybe create a Pandora box image turned to a face. Maybe opened a bit with a mirror placed inside so a person who looks inside sees themselves trapped in your box/mind. I would possibly go with clay, metal and glass as materials for a subject as this. We all copy each other on art, all influenced in some way. Good luck in trying to an original piece, hope it plays off well. 

jasmine sohal | Student

when i was in my final year of fine arts even i stuck as the same way you are ...and really thats a gr8 idea that u re choosing to present original idea while some other artists simplify thier job by just copying ...so i really appreciate ur effort ...but the question is hw to reflect your thoughts in sculpture or hw can you shape your sculpture with your ideas ...coz m pretty sure whenever u try to sculpt anything it might confusing to choose n concentrate on one idea from the abundance of ideas 

i think you should first draw whatever you want to draw ...make it with slight 3d effects (shading ). make two or three draws if you want ..then by the refrence of your drawing shape your sculpture according to it ...if you r confuse that shape resemble some other artist work ..dont frustrate or think too much ..as every artist is different in interpretation of ideas ..thier styles differ ...

best way think out of the box ...try to concentrate on the things you think none of any other artist yet try . best of luck