Okay. I'm having difficulty finding out an example of a homogenous solution that's made out of for example: 1) A gas in a solid- 2) A solid in a solid- 3) a solid in a liquid 4) A gas in a gas-

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No problem.  The first thing to know is that a solution is a type of mixture.  Take two different things and mix.  Done.  Mixture complete.  You can have a heterogeneous mixture, which does not have an even distribution of materials.  You can have a homogeneous mixture which does have an even distribution.  As for a homogeneous solution, the easiest way to describe that is a REALLY well-mixed homogeneous solution.  

The above states that pretty much anything can be a mixture.  If it is mixed enough it can become evenly mixed; it's possible for a lot of things to be in a solution, and it doesn't matter if they're liquids, solids, or gases.  I'll give an example of each for your question.

1. Gas in a solid -- hydrogen being dissolved into palladium.  I suppose whipped cream could work too.  

2. Solid in a solid -- bronze (copper and tin) or stainless steel (steel and chromium).

3. Solid in liquid -- sugar or salt water solution.

4. Gas in a gas -- air because it's oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases. 

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