Find the values of x and y in parralleogram ABCD if: 15) AB=2y BC=y+3 CD=5x-1 DA=2x+4  

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rcmath eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since you we have a parallelogram, we will use the fact that that AB and DC are congruent, so are BC and AD

Thus we get the following system

`2y=5x-1 => 2y-5x=-1`

`y+3=2x+4 => y-2x=1`

Solving by elimination, we need to multiply the second equation by 2 (we can also solve by substitution)





Now we have to plug in x in either of the two equations to get y, I will use the second.

`y-2*3=1 => y=1+6=7`

Thus x=3 and y=7