Find the value of `sqrt(5 + sqrt(11 + sqrt(19 + sqrt(20 +sqrt(49)))))` .a. 3b. 5c. 16d. 46This is a very a good question and let's see who solves it...

Expert Answers
degeneratecircle eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's not any of those. According to my computer, it's approximately 2.998309, which is very close to 3, but it's not exact.

For it to be 3, `sqrt(11+sqrt(19+sqrt(27)))` would have to be 4, and so

`sqrt(19+sqrt(27))` would have to be 5, and `19+sqrt(27)` is not 25 because `sqrt(27)` is irrational, and since `sqrt(27)<6,` `19+sqrt(27)<25,` and this also proves that the answer is less than 3, eliminating all the other choices.