How to find the specific heat capacity of a solid (involving a cooling correction)Could you please give me a idea for this experiment?

Expert Answers
justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, I can't give you an answer of 600 words, but here is a general idea on how you can go about it.

First take a liquid of which you know the specific heat of, water would be ideal to use. Take a measured quantity of water in a container, so that there is a minimum amount of heat loss. Measure the temperature of the water.

Now heat the body you want to measure the specific heat capacity of. Measure its temperature once it has been heated. Then place the body in the container of water and dip a thermometer in the water. Wait for some time till an equilibrium temperature is reached.

Once that happens, the heat lost by the body to decrease its temperature is that absorbed by the water to increase its.

Now use the specific heat of water that you already know to find the specific heat of the solid.

I leave it for you to figure out how that will be done. It’s quite easy and you should know that by now.