Find someone who speaks a dialect that is different from yours.Then list some of the regular differences in the pronunciation of words.I  need it. Please help me.

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ktmagalia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This sounds like an intriguing assignment, especially to me as I'm fascinated with languages and their development.  First, let's take a look at the formal definition of dialect in order to better understand your assignment:

Variety of a language spoken by a group of people and having features of vocabulary, grammar, and/or pronunciation that distinguish it from other varieties of the same language.

So, given the fact that this variance of "standard" English

develop[s] as a result of geographic, social, political, or edconomic barriers between groups of people,

think about your own community and those communities different to your own. For example, if you live in New York, your city is geographically divided with ethnic areas. What words, idiomatic expressions, and variances of pronunciation are used? A "hero" in New York is the most delicious meatball sandwich on the planet. If you live in New Orleans, a "po boy" is not a young man without a penny in his pocket. My mother, who was born in England, "queues up" instead of standing in line. The other day I was affectionately called a "fly girl"...huh? What's that? I was quite horrified to ask, but I do know from context it wasn't a bad thing. So, listen to your environment. What "dialects" do you hear around you? So, find someone, younger, older, from a different area or community, and become an observer of language, and "dawg" you will be amazed at the multi-faceted language that we use and comprehend on a daily basis.

feldmcr | Student

A great place to start with this is "down south"- the southern part of the US.  You can start with "ya'll" and work your way through "sosation" (association) and "tempture" (temperature).  It can be a whole 'nother world at times. Have fun!