Find the rectangular form of number 2(cos200+isin200)? explain Argand diagram.

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The given form of the complex number is the polar form.

To find the rectangular form, we'll have to calculate the real and imaginary parts of the complex number.

We'll remove the brackets and we'll have:

z = 2cos200 + 2isin200

We'll calculate the values of cos200 and sin200,knowing that they are negative, since the angle of 200 belongs to the 3rd quadrant:

sin200 = -0.342

cos200 = -0.939

The Argand diagram allows us to consider the x axis as the real axis of a complex number and y axis represents the imaginary axis of a complex number, such as, the complex number can be represented as a point in the Argand diagram.

The rectangular form of the given complex number is:

z = -1.879 - 0.684i

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