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Find the rectangular coordinates of each point. Can you please show steps?Thank you. 1.) (2, 3pi/4) 2.) (-4, 7pi/6) 3.) (2/3, -2pi/3)

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Find the rectangular coordinates for each point:

Note that for a point given in polar form `(r,theta)` the conversion to rectangular form is `(rcostheta,rsintheta)` .

(a) `(2,(3pi)/4)` ; `r=2,theta=(3pi)/4` so the rectangular form is `(2cos((3pi)/4),2sin((3pi)/4))` or `(2*(-sqrt(2))/2,2sqrt(2)/2)=(-sqrt(2),sqrt(2))`


`(2,(3pi)/4)` in polar form is equivalent to `(-sqrt(2),sqrt(2))` in rectangular form.


As a quick check, note that...

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