Find the radius of base of a cylinder whose volume is 1000 cm^3 and whose hight is 10 cm.

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the radius of base of a cyinder is 5.64cm.the formula  3.14(phi)xr^2h for volume.h is height.(10).so the radius is 5.64

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The volume V of the cylinder  is given by :

V=pi*r^2*h, where r is the radius of the cylinder and h is the height of it.

Given are the values  of volume V=1000cm^3 and  height h= 10 cm. We substitute in the above formula and then solve for radius r:


We divide both sides by 10pi .

1000/(10pi) =r^2


We take square root of both sides to get r.


r=5.641895835 cm,

Hope this helps.

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the radius of base of a cylinder is5.64cm.the formula   3.14(phi)xr^2h for volume .h is height.(so the radius is 5.64 cm. long .

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