Find a quote showing use of the literary element repetition for effect in the story "Raymond's Run".

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One section of the story has the young girl explaining what it feels like just before she begins a race.  She talks about this feeling like being in a dream.   This really helps the reader to understand the story from the young narrator's point of view.

"Every time, just before I take off in a race, I always feel like I'm in a dream, the kind of dream you have when you're sick with fever and feel all hot and weightless.  I dream I'm flying over a sandy beach in the early morning sun, kissing the leaves of the trees as I fly by." (Bambara) 

Another example is listed in the following quote:

"Repetitive, rhythmic phrasing is another technique which contributes to the oral quality of the narration, such as when Hazel describes her mother’s reaction to Hazel’s ‘‘high-pranc[ing]’’ down 34th Street ‘‘like a rodeo pony’’ to strengthen her knees: ‘‘she walks ahead like she’s not with me, don’t know me, is all by herself on a shopping trip, and I am somebody else’s crazy child.’’