Find the production matrix for the following input-output and demand matrices using the open model. A =     [.3     .4]                  D = [4]           [.35    .2]                        [6]        

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Given input-output (technology) matrix `A=[[.3,.4],[.35,.2]]` and demand matrix `D=[[4],[6]]` , find the production matrix X:

`X=(I-A)^(-1)D` where I is the appropriate identity matrix (in this case `I=[[1,0],[0,1]]` ):


Then `(I-A)^(-1)=1/((.7*.8)-(-.35*-.4))[[.8,.4],[.35,.7]]`



Now `(I-A)^(-1)D=[[40/21,20/21],[5/6,5/3]][[4],[6]]`



The production matrix (vector) is `[[40/3],[40/3]]`


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