Find the point of intersection between the lines 5x-2y=4 and x=0.5x-2y=4 x=0

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taylormath eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the system of equations, you are looking for an x and y value that will make both equations yield a true result at the same time.  This problem may look tricky since the bottom equation, x=0, doesn't contain a y-value.  The truth is, the system is already solved for x.  You are being told that x must have a value of zero!  Substituting that x=0 into the top equation gives 5(0)-2y=4.

Solving for y:




The solution to the system, or the intersection point is (0,-2).

Check:  1st equation: 5(0)-2(-2)=0+4=4 (Check)

2nd equation: 0=0 (check)

Both equations are true at the same time. The intersection of (0,-2) is verified.