Find a passage in the Gospel that describes how Jesus interacted and lived with his people. 

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Perhaps the best example of how Jesus interacted with people comes from John 21:15-25. Within this context, Jesus shows his love for Peter. Jesus asks Peter a very simple (but profound) question three times: 

"Simon, son of John, do you truly love me more than these." John 21:15, 16, 17. 

Each time Peter answers that he loves Jesus. Jesus, then, proceeds to exhort him to "feed his sheep." When we look at this interaction within the broader context of the gospel of John, we can make a few points about how Jesus loved Peter in particular and people in general. 

Peter was a zealous follower of Jesus. He stated that he would follow Jesus no matter what the cost. Even if he had to die for Jesus, he would be willing to do so. However, when the time came, Peter denied Jesus three times. (John 18) After he did this, he wept bitterly, according to John. At this point, Peter probably felt that he could not approach Jesus anymore. So, he went back to his old occupation. He went back to fishing. Jesus, knowing the situation, went to Peter and gave him the chance to confess his love three times. We see Peter's restoration. 

We see in this act what Christianity calls grace and forgiveness. 

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