find the number of 15- centimetre square tiles required to cover rectangular floor 5.4 m long and 4.05 m wide 

oldnick | Student

the lenght of  rectangle, `5.4 m=540 cms`

width:   `4.05 m= 405 cm` 

since the length of tiles are  `15 cm `to cover all the lenght:

`540/15=36 ` tiles, instead to cover all  width  `405/15=27` tiles.

then the whole area, will be covered by a number `N` of tiles  by product  tiles per width x tiles per lenght will be like.

So `N=27 xx 36= 972`  tiles.



pramodpandey | Student

The area of rectangular floor= length x bredth

`=5.4xx4.05 sq m`

`=21.87 sq m`

length of square tile= 15cm= .15 m

Area of square tile= (.15)^2 sq m

=0.0225 sq m

Thus number of square tiles required= Area of the floor/area of the tile

= `(21.87)/(.0225)`