Find at least 3 quotations or statements from the story which demonstrate that Rosicky is patient, kind, and unselfish.  

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He didn't know another farm-house where a man could get such a warm welcome, and such good strong coffee with rich cream. No wonder the old chap didn't want to give up his coffee!

Dr. Burleigh is mightily relieved to rock up at Rosicky's place. He's just spent the whole night over at the Marshalls', and their slovenly house was not somewhere that the good doctor would want to eat breakfast. Thank goodness, then, for Rosicky and his legendary hospitality and his good, strong coffee with rich cream.

Sometimes the Doctor heard the gossipers in the drug-store wondering why Rosicky didn't get on faster. He was industrious, and so were his boys, but they were rather free and easy, weren't pushers, and they didn't always show good judgment. They were comfortable, they were out of debt, but they didn't get much ahead. Maybe, Doctor Burleigh reflected, people as generous and warm-hearted and affectionate as the Rosickys never got ahead much; maybe you couldn't enjoy your life and put it into the bank, too.

Rosicky has the reputation of being a hard-working man. At the same time, however, he hasn't risen very far in life. The doctor reflects that perhaps the reason for this is that Rosicky and his family are too generous, warm-hearted, and affectionate for their own good. They enjoy life; they live it as it should be lived. But because they're not among life's go-getters, they aren't anywhere near as well-off as their hard work would deserve.

"Sure. She makes quilts of dem, too. We sleeps easy. Now she's makin' a fedder quilt for my son's wife. You know Polly, that married my Rudolph. How much my bill, Miss Pearl?" "Eight eighty-five." "Chust make it nine, and put in some candy fur de women."

Mr. Rosicky is at the farm implement store, doing his shopping from the list that his wife has given him. When he comes to settle his bill, he shows his unselfishness by purchasing some candy for his wife and daughter. The store assistant comments that Rosciky's always buying candy for his wife, so much so that she'll be getting too fat before long.

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