Find and graph a solution set for x<5The domain is (real numbers)

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Now we must draw y=x graph and y=5 graph.


The black line shows y=x graph and red line shows y=5 graph.

What we want is x<5

We can see at (5,5) the graphs intercept each other and y=x goes top of y=5

So the answer we required is x<5;

This happens when x comes from (-) infinity to 5.

The answer is x`in` (-`oo` ,5) where x is an integer.

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When graphing a solution for the problem X is less than 5, you should be able to draw a horizontal line and number it from 1 to 6 or so with verticle marks at each number. 

Then, draw a circle around the number 5 and draw a line with an arrow at the end from 5 to 1 and beyond.

For an example of a similar problem, see the section on Inequalities at the following link...

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