Peace Like a River Questions and Answers
by Leif Enger

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 Find examples of his pithy dialogue & explore the meaning behind it. Jeremiah has a knack for cutting to the heart of the matter. Example page 28 he says, “Everybody thumps something, Reuben.”

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Pithy dialogue consists of concise and forcefully expressive language. Basically what this means is that the words spoken by the character, or person, are meant to evoke emotion from the one they are speaking to or from the reader.

In regards to Peace Like a River, language and dialogue is important when examining the understandable character, the indirect characterization, as described by the author.

Given the fact that the narrator, Reuben, is an eleven year old boy, many would not expect him to possess the social filters normally engaged in dialogue. Instead, his language is riddled with forcefully expressive verbiage.

At one point in...

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