Find evidence for the following statements from "The Crucible".*Proctor is ashamed of his past actions.*Elizebeth has been badly hurt.

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the beginning of the play, we see an exchange between Elizabeth and John.  He has come in late after a day of working.  There is absolute tension in the room as she fixes his dinner, and forgets his drink.  She apologizes that the meal isn't seasoned properly.  She is trying to please him, and he is trying to please her but there are repeated miscommunications and overcorrections.  He gets upset and tells her he is trying to correct his past mistakes.

The guilt comes from John because he committed adultery with Abigail.  He still thinks of this girl even though he is married to Elizabeth.  The Puritan society is good at guilt and fear, but not so great at forgiveness.

Elizabeth has been betrayed--both by John and Abigail who was employed in her home to help her care for the household and her children.  She is unable to completely trust him although she wants to.  Later on in the story she admits not thinking herself very pretty or worth a man such as John.  His indiscretion proved her correct and made her feel even less appealing and worthy.