find the equation of a line parallel to x axis, passing through(3, -6)

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We need the equation of a line parallel to the x axis and passing through (3, -6). Now a line parallel to the x-axis is one that has the same value of y for all values of x.

As the line required passes through (3, -6), y has to be equal to -6.

Therefore the equation of a line parallel to the x axis, passing through the point (3, -6) is y = -6.


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The  equation of any line || to x-axis is of the form y = k, where k is a constant.

Since the point (3,-6) lies on this line y = k, the coordinates of the point (3,-6) should satisfy the equation of the  line y=k:

=> -6 = k.

Therefore k = -6.

Therefore the equation of the line is y = -6 which is || to x-axis and passes through the point (3,-6).


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