Find the elasticity of demand at the price P=7 with the demand given by  P+1.15x=500

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The demand function is given as P + 1.15x = 500 where P is the price and x is the quantity demanded. Price elasticity of demand is the ratio of the rate at which the demand changes and the rate at which the price changes.

The demand x as an expression of the price P is given by: `x = (500 - P)/1.15`

The price elasticity of demand is given by `PED = ((dx)/(dP))*(P/x)`

`(dx)/(dP) = -1/1.15`

At P = 7, x = `9860/23`

Substituting the given values in the expression for price elasticity of demand gives: `PED = (-1/1.15)*(161/9860) ~~ -0.0141`

The price elasticity of demand is approximately -0.0141

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bupita | Student

p + 1.15x = 500

7 + 1.15x = 500

1.15x = 493

x ≈ 428.7 (rounded to the nearest tenth)

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