Find the domain of f(x) = ln(tanx) on the interval [-π,π]. a. all x in [-π/2, π/2] b. all x in (-π, -π/2) and (0, π/2) c. all x in (0, π/2) d. all x in (0,π) e. all x in (-π, π)

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domain of g(x)=`[-pi,pi]`

codomain of g(x)=`(-oo,oo)`

codmain of g(x)= domain of h(x)

since ln is defied for positive real numbers only .

Thus domain of g(x) is `(-pi,-pi/2)uu(0,pi/2)`

Thus domain of f(x) is same as domain of g(x).

So domain of f(x) is `(-pi,-pi/2)uu(0,pi/2)`

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