Find the distance between the points A(3 , 4) and B(5 , 8)

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Given the points A(3,4) and The point B(5,8)

We need to determine the distance or the length of the segment AB

Then we will use the distance formula:

We know that:

AB = sqrt[( x2-1x1)^2 + (y2-y1)^2]

==> AB = sqrt(5-3)^2 + (8-4)^2]

             = sqrt(2^2 + 4^2)

             = sqrt(4 + 16)

              = sqrt20

              = 2sqrt5

Then the distance between A and B =  2sqrt5  units.


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The distance d between the points (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) is given by:

d = sqrt{(x2-x1)62+(y2-y1)^2}...(1)

Here we have to find the distance between A(3,4) and B(5,8).

Therefore substituting the (3,4) for (x1,y1) and  (5,8) for (x2,y2)  in the formula at (1), we get:

Therefore d = sqrt{(5-3)^2 + (8-4)^2}.

d = sqrt{2^2+4^2}.

d = sqrt(4+16).

d = sqrt20.

d = 2*sqrt5.

Therefore the distance between the given points A(3,4) and B.

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