Find connections between the readings from The Kite Runner, chapters 21–25, and the world outside. Draw links to personal life, happenings in school, community, history, or other people orproblems that come to mind.

In chapter 21 of The Kite Runner, you could connect the hanging dead body to the seemingly everyday violence of the present day. In chapter 22, you could discuss the John Lennon sunglasses and their link to globalization. In chapter 23, you could discuss Amir in the context of the MeToo movement. In chapter 24, you could bring up materialism and progress. In the last chapter, you could discuss why America might be so idealized.

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I’m sure you could draw many connections between what takes place in the final chapters of The Kite Runner and what is currently happening all around you. I can help you think of some right now.

Chapter 21

You could talk about the dead person hanging near the restaurant. It’s like the dead body is a part of the landscape. You could mention how violence and death have become a part of the landscape for people across the world due to social media and the internet.

You could also discuss the way that masculinity manifests itself in this chapter. You could contrast Amir’s sensitivity to memories with Farid’s injunction to move on. You could talk about how gender norms have and haven’t changed according to your experiences and perspective.

Chapter 22

This chapter might make you think of globalization. Amir compares the cleric’s sunglasses to the kind worn by the singer John Lennon of The Beatles. You could talk about globalization’s impact on you and your consumer habits.

You could also bring up masculinity again. You could talk about how Amir confronting the cleric by himself might be a sign of Amir’s masculinity.

Chapter 23

The dream Amir has might make you think about the relationship between parents and children. You might want to link Amir’s dream to your own thoughts about the ways in which parents can influence their children.

You could also discuss Amir’s ongoing guilt about what he didn’t do when he witnessed Hassan’s rape. You could discuss how Amir’s actions concerning Hassan’s sexual assault might be perceived within the context of the MeToo movement.

Chapter 24

In this chapter, you could discuss the difference in hotel rooms. You could talk about how materialism and consumerism play a part in whether something is perceived as modern and nice. You could also discuss the labyrinth of adoption laws and whether such laws do more harm than good.

Chapter 25

For the final chapter, you could discuss the ways in which America is idealized in a kind of all-or-nothing way. It seems like Sohrab thinks that he might as well die if he can’t go to America with Amir. You could talk about why America holds such a vaunted position in the world. You might analyze the ways in which the novel contributes to the romanticization of America. You might explain why you feel like America is or isn’t such an idyllic place.

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