Find the center of mass of the region bounded between  `y=-x^2-x+4`  and `y=-2x^2-2x+5`

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green is graph for curve y=-2x^2-2x+5 and red is for y=-x^2-x+4

These  two curves are inter secting each other when x=.618 and x=-1.618.

Thus area of the region bounded between these curves is






Let `(barx,bary)` be coordinate of centre of mass of bounded region

`barx=(1/Delta)int_-1.618^.618 x(-x^2-x+1)dx`




`bary=(1/Delta)int_-1.618^.618 (1/2)((-2x^2-2x+5)^2-(-x^2-x+4)^2)dx`







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