find the area of the region enclosed by the curve y=cos(3x) and the interval [0,pi]?

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To find the area enclosed by the given curve we will have to graph first. We notice that between 0 and Pi/6, and Pi/2 and 5Pi/6 the graph is above the x-axis, but between Pi/6 and Pi/2, and 5pi/6 and pi the graph is below. 

To find the area we will have to use four definite integrals over the three different intervals.


`1/3sin3x` between o and Pi/6 + `-1/3sin3x` between Pi/6 and Pi/2+
`1/3sin3x` between Pi/2 and 5Pi/6+ `-1/3sin3x` between 5Pi/6 and Pi=





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