Find the area of the base of a cylinder is h=12 in and v=39 in^3.

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hala718 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Given the volume of the cylinder is v=39 in^3

We will use the formula of the cylinder volume to solve.

We know that:

V = r^2 *pi * h  such that v is the volume, r is the radius, and h is the height.

We are given the volume and the height.

Then we will substitute into the equation.

==> 39 = r^2*pi * 12

Now we will divide by 12.

==> r^2 *pi = 39/12 = 3.25

But we know that the area of the base is given by :

A = r^2 * pi

Then, the area of the base of the cylinder is 3.25 in^2

tonys538 | Student

The volume of a cylinder is given in terms of the area of the base of the cylinder(a) and the height (h) of the cylinder by the formula V = A*h.

For a cylinder with volume 39 square inch and height 12 inches, the volume is 39 = 12* a

This gives a = 39/12.

The area of the base is 39/12 square inches.

neela | Student

The base area of a cylinder is A = pir^2, where r is the radius.

The volume v of the cylinder is given by pir^2*h , where h is the height of the cylinder.

So given v = 39 in^3 and h. = 12 in.

Therefore v = pir^2*12 = 39.

We divide both sides of pr^2*12 = 39 by 12  and get:

So pi*r^2 = 39/12 = 3.25 sq inch.

Therefore the area of the base of the cylinder A = pir^ = 3.25 sq in.