Find the arc length of the cuve r(t)=(cos^3 t) i +  (sin^3 t) j +  2k     ,     0=< t =<phi/2 solve this early

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You need to determine the length of the vector function `bar r(t) =`  `ltcos^3 t, sin^3 t, 2gt, ` over interval `[0,pi/2], ` hence you need to find the magnitude of the tangent vector such that:

`|bar r'(t)| = sqrt((3cos^2 t*(-sin t))^2 + (3sin^2 t*cos t)^2)`

`|bar r'(t)| = sqrt(9cos^4 t*sin^2 t + 9sin^4 t*cos^2 t) `

`|bar r'(t)| =...

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